Yamaha Wolverine 850 Top Speed! (We Tried it Out!)


Yamaha Wolverine 850 Top Speed

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Are you wondering about the top speed of the Yamaha Wolverine 850? Well, let’s get straight to the point – the Yamaha Wolverine 850 boasts an impressive top speed that is sure to leave you thrilled.

With its powerful engine and advanced features, this off-road vehicle can reach speeds of up to 55 mph (or 89 km/h), making it perfect for adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

In this article, we will explore Yamaha Wolverine 850 Top Speed and what makes the Yamaha Wolverine 850 so fast and uncover some tips on how to maximize its performance. So buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating ride!

What Is Yamaha Wolverine 850 Top Speed?

Yamaha Wolverine 850 Top Speed

The Yamaha Wolverine 850 has a top speed of around 55 mph (89 km/h). However, this can vary depending on a number of factors, such as terrain, weight load, and tire pressure.

For example, if you are riding on a groomed trail with a light load and high tire pressure, you may be able to reach a slightly higher top speed.

On the other hand, if you are riding on rough terrain with a heavy load and low tire pressure, your top speed will be lower.

It is also important to note that the Yamaha Wolverine 850 is not designed for high-speed riding. It is a utility vehicle that is best suited for off-road trails and work applications.

If you are looking for a vehicle that can reach higher speeds, you may want to consider a sport UTV or a side-by-side ATV.

Overview of the Yamaha Wolverine 850:

Yamaha Wolverine 850 Top Speed

The Yamaha Wolverine 850 is a powerful and versatile all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that offers an exhilarating off-road experience.

With its robust design and advanced features, it has become a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s an overview of what makes the Yamaha Wolverine 850 stand out:

  1. Engine Performance: The heart of the Wolverine 850 is its high-performance engine. Powered by a potent 847cc parallel-twin engine, this ATV delivers impressive power and torque for tackling any terrain with ease.
  2. Smooth Power Delivery: Thanks to its advanced fuel injection system, the Wolverine 850 ensures smooth throttle response and excellent low-end grunt. Whether you’re climbing steep hills or maneuvering through tight trails, this ATV provides consistent power delivery.
  3. Versatile Transmission: Equipped with Yamaha’s Ultramafic transmission system, the Wolverine 850 offers seamless shifting and automatic clutch engagement for effortless operation. Its dual-range drive system enables precise control over various terrains.
  4. Comfortable Ride: The Yamaha Wolverine 850 prioritizes rider comfort with its ergonomic design and suspension setup. Its long-travel KYB shocks absorb bumps effectively while providing a smooth ride even on rough terrain.
  5. Durable Construction: Designed for durability, the Wolverine 850 features rugged bodywork built to withstand harsh conditions encountered during off-roading adventures.
  6. Enhanced Handling: With electronic power steering (EPS) included as standard equipment, this ATV offers improved handling and maneuverability in challenging situations.
  7. Ample Storage Space: The spacious cargo bed at the rear of the vehicle allows you to carry essential gear or haul loads up to recommended capacities easily.
  8. Advanced Safety Features: The Yamaha Wolverine 850 incorporates several safety features such as four-wheel disc brakes with unmatched stopping power, LED headlights for enhanced visibility during night rides, and a robust roll cage for added protection.

With its impressive performance capabilities, comfortable ride quality, and advanced features, the Yamaha Wolverine 850 is a top choice for ATV enthusiasts seeking thrilling off-road adventures.

Engine Performance and Power:

Yamaha Wolverine 850 Top Speed

When it comes to engine performance and power, the Yamaha Wolverine 850 truly stands out. Equipped with a robust engine, this off-road vehicle delivers an exhilarating experience for adventure enthusiasts.

Here are some key features that contribute to its impressive performance:

  1. Engine Specs: The Yamaha Wolverine 850 is powered by a liquid-cooled, DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) engine with four valves per cylinder. This 847cc powerhouse ensures exceptional power delivery across various terrains.
  2. Horsepower Output: With its advanced design and engineering, the Wolverine 850 boasts an impressive horsepower output of approximately 85 HP. This enables the vehicle to tackle challenging trails and conquer steep inclines with ease.
  3. Torque Performance: Torque plays a crucial role in off-road capability, allowing for quick acceleration and increased pulling power when needed most. The Wolverine’s torque rating of around 66 lb-ft ensures ample low-end grunt for tackling tough obstacles effortlessly.
  4. Electronic Fuel Injection: To optimize fuel efficiency and maximize throttle response, Yamaha has incorporated electronic fuel injection technology into the Wolverine 850’s engine system. This feature enhances overall performance while reducing emissions.
  5. Transmission Options: The Yamaha Wolverine offers both automatic transmission variants – Ultramatic V-belt transmission (with all-wheel drive) or D-Mode speed-sensitive electronic power steering (EPS). These options provide smooth shifting capabilities tailored to individual preferences.
  6. Top Speed Capabilities: While exact top speeds may vary depending on factors such as terrain conditions and vehicle modifications, the Yamaha Wolverine 850 is known for achieving impressive speeds upwards of approximately 70 mph or more, ensuring thrilling adventures on open tracks.
  7. Power Steering System: Another notable aspect contributing to enhanced handling is the inclusion of electric power steering (EPS), which provides precise control at any speed while minimizing fatigue during long rides.

The Yamaha Wolverine 850’s engine performance and power capabilities make it a force to be reckoned with in the off-road world.

With its impressive horsepower, torque, electronic fuel injection, and transmission options, this vehicle offers both exhilarating speed and exceptional control for an unforgettable riding experience.

Top Speed Capabilities of the Yamaha Wolverine 850:

The Yamaha Wolverine 850 is a powerful and versatile side-by-side vehicle that offers impressive top speed capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at its performance in terms of speed:

  1. Maximum Speed: The Yamaha Wolverine 850 is known for its exceptional top speed, which can reach up to an exhilarating 55 miles per hour (89 kilometers per hour). This makes it one of the fastest vehicles in its class.
  2. Engine Power: The heart of the Wolverine 850 lies in its robust engine, featuring an 847cc parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine with fuel injection. This powerful engine delivers ample power to propel the vehicle to higher speeds effortlessly.
  3. Transmission System: To complement its powerful engine, the Yamaha Wolverine 850 comes equipped with a reliable Ultramafic transmission system. This advanced transmission provides smooth gear shifting and optimal power delivery, ensuring maximum efficiency when pushing for higher speeds.
  4. Terrain Adaptability: While speed is important, so too is handling and control on various terrains. The Yamaha Wolverine 850 features adjustable suspension settings that allow riders to fine-tune their ride according to different conditions, providing enhanced stability even at high speeds.
  5. Safety Features: Safety should never be compromised when reaching top speeds. That’s why the Yamaha Wolverine 850 includes essential safety features such as responsive hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels and electronic power steering for precise maneuvering, enabling riders to maintain control during high-speed adventures.

The Yamaha Wolverine 850 showcases impressive top-speed capabilities with a maximum speed of up to 55 mph (89 km/h).

Its powerful engine, efficient transmission system, terrain adaptability options, and safety features make it an excellent choice for those seeking thrilling rides without compromising on performance or safety standards.

Factors Affecting Top Speed:

Yamaha Wolverine 850 Top Speed

There are several factors that can affect the Yamaha wolverine 850 top speed mph. These factors include:

  1. Engine Power: The engine power plays a crucial role in determining the top speed of any vehicle, including the Yamaha Wolverine 850. With its powerful engine, the Wolverine 850 is capable of achieving higher speeds compared to lower-powered vehicles.
  2. Weight: The weight of the vehicle also affects its top speed. Generally, heavier vehicles require more power to reach and maintain higher speeds. Therefore, if you have additional accessories or cargo added to your Yamaha Wolverine 850, it may slightly impact the overall top speed.
  3. Terrain Conditions: The type of terrain you ride on can significantly influence your maximum achievable speed with the Yamaha Wolverine 850. Rough terrains or steep inclines may require reduced speeds for safety purposes.
  4. Tire Pressure and Tread: Proper tire pressure and tread condition are important for optimal performance and traction on different surfaces. Inadequate tire pressure or worn-out treads can negatively affect both acceleration and maximum speed capabilities.
  5. Wind Resistance: Wind resistance becomes increasingly significant at higher speeds, creating drag that requires more power to overcome it. Riding against strong headwinds will likely reduce your potential top speed.
  6. Maintenance and Upkeep: Regular maintenance checks and proper upkeep ensure optimal performance from your vehicle’s engine components, drivetrain system, brakes, etc., which directly impacts its overall performance capability including top speed attainment.
  7. Rider Skill Level: Lastly but importantly is rider skill level which influences how effectively one handles their machine while riding at high speeds ensuring stability without compromising safety.

These factors collectively contribute to determining the maximum achievable top-speed limit for a Yamaha Wolverine 850 under various conditions.

Upgrades and Modifications for Increased Speed:

When it comes to boosting the speed of your Yamaha Wolverine 850, there are several upgrades and modifications you can consider.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra oomph or aiming to reach new top speeds, these options can help enhance your riding experience:

  1. Performance Exhaust System: Upgrading your exhaust system can improve both horsepower and torque, leading to increased speed. Look for aftermarket exhaust systems specifically designed for the Yamaha Wolverine 850 that offer enhanced airflow and reduced restrictions.
  2. Air Intake Upgrade: Installing a high-performance air intake kit allows more air to enter the engine, resulting in improved combustion efficiency. This upgrade can provide noticeable gains in acceleration and top speed.
  3. ECU Tuning: Optimizing the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) settings through tuning can unlock hidden performance potential in your vehicle. By adjusting fuel mapping and ignition timing, ECU tuning maximizes power delivery and enhances overall performance.
  4. Clutch Kit Installation: A well-matched clutch kit helps transfer power effectively from the engine to the wheels, optimizing acceleration and increasing top speed. Consider upgrading to a clutch kit that is specifically designed for off-road applications with higher engagement RPMs.
  5. Lightweight Wheel Setup: Replacing stock wheels with lighter-weight alternatives reduces unsprung weight on your ATV’s suspension system, resulting in improved handling characteristics as well as increased overall agility at higher speeds.
  6. Upgraded Suspension Components: Investing in upgraded shocks or springs tailored for high-speed riding improves stability while tackling rough terrains at faster velocities.
  7. Gear Ratio Adjustment: Adjusting gear ratios by either changing sprocket sizes or installing a different final drive ratio allows you to customize your ride’s power delivery according to specific requirements such as straight-line acceleration or maintaining top speeds on varied terrain.
  8. Tire Selection: Opting for tires optimized for higher speeds and improved traction, such as those with a more aggressive tread pattern or constructed from softer compounds, can significantly enhance your ATV’s overall performance.

Remember to consult with professionals or experienced riders when considering upgrades and modifications.

Additionally, always prioritize safety while pushing the limits of speed on your Yamaha Wolverine 850 by wearing appropriate protective gear and riding within legal limits.

How Much Can a Yamaha Wolverine 850 Tow?

The Yamaha Wolverine 850 has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds. This means that it can pull a trailer or other vehicle weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

However, it is important to note that the actual towing capacity of your Wolverine 850 may be lower depending on a number of factors, such as:

Conclusion: Yamaha Wolverine 850 Top Speed!

The Yamaha Wolverine 850 is a powerful off-road vehicle that delivers impressive top speed performance. With its robust engine and advanced features, this ATV offers an exhilarating ride for enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures.

The Yamaha Wolverine 850 boasts a top speed of 55 mph (89 km/h) mph, making it one of the fastest models in its class.

Its high-performance engine provides exceptional acceleration and ensures thrilling experiences on various terrains.

Whether you’re tackling rough trails or cruising through open fields, this machine’s agility and power will never disappoint.

Its remarkable top speed capabilities make it a standout choice among off-road enthusiasts who crave excitement and performance in equal measure.


Is the Top Speed of The Yamaha Wolverine 850 Suitable for Off-Road Purposes?

Yes, the top speed of the Yamaha Wolverine 850 is well-suited for off-road usage.
It offers a good balance between speed and control, allowing riders to navigate through different types of terrain effectively.

Does the Top Speed of The Yamaha Wolverine 850 Make It Suitable for Racing?

While the Yamaha Wolverine 850 has a respectable top speed, it is not specifically designed for racing purposes.
It is primarily built as a utility vehicle, offering durability, versatility, and off-road capabilities.

Can the Top Speed of The Yamaha Wolverine 850 Be Increased?

Modifications can be made to increase the top speed of the Yamaha Wolverine 850, but it is important to note that these modifications may void the manufacturer’s warranty and could potentially compromise the vehicle’s durability and safety.
If you are considering making any modifications, it is always recommended to consult with a professional who has expertise in enhancing vehicle performance.

What Safety Precautions Should Be Taken when Riding at High Speeds on The Yamaha Wolverine 850?

When riding at high speeds, it is important to prioritize safety. Some key safety precautions include wearing appropriate protective gear such as helmets, goggles, and body armor.
Additionally, maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles, avoiding risky maneuvers, and familiarizing yourself with the terrain and trail conditions are crucial.

Is the Yamaha Wolverine 850 Suitable for Long-Distance Rides at High Speeds?

While the Yamaha Wolverine 850 can reach high speeds, its design and features are more focused on off-road performance rather than long-distance rides at high speeds.
However, with proper maintenance and regular checks, it can handle extended rides effectively.

Are There Any Aftermarket Accessories Available to Enhance the Top Speed of The Yamaha Wolverine 850?

Yes, there are aftermarket accessories available that claim to enhance the top speed of the Yamaha Wolverine 850.
These can include modifications to the engine, exhaust systems, and other performance-enhancing components.
However, it is important to carefully research and select reputable brands and products, and consider any potential impact on the vehicle’s warranty and overall reliability before making any modifications.

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