What Does 16 Mean To The Pagans? (The Surprising Truth!)


What Does 16 Mean To The Pagans

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These are some of the most important life events for pagans and why they happen at this age.

If you are looking to become a pagan, or if you are already one, these are some things you should know about what 16 means to us.

The number 16 holds symbolic meaning and significance in many Pagan traditions and beliefs. Here is an in-depth look at the importance of the number 16 to Pagans across different spiritual paths.

So, What Does 16 Mean To The Pagans?

The number 16 doesn’t hold one universal meaning in Paganism bike club. While some paths imbue numbers with special powers, 16 isn’t typically included. However, it might hold personal significance, linked to rituals, holidays, or even just special memories. So, the meaning of 16 to a Pagan depends entirely on their own unique path and experiences!

What Does 16 Mean To The Pagans? Origins and History:

What Does 16 Mean To The Pagans?

The origins of the spiritual meaning behind the number 16 can be traced back to ancient Pagan cultures and religions.

Many ancient civilizations, like the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greeks assigned symbolic value to different numbers. These numerical symbols were deeply woven into their spiritual practices and mythologies.

In numerology, which searches for meaning in numbers and their mystical properties, 16 is considered a composite number – made up by multiplying other significant numbers. The numbers that make up 16 are:

  • 1: Represents new beginnings, individuality, self-reliance
  • 6: Represents harmony, balance, nurturing energies

So at first glance, the properties of its composite numbers point to themes of fresh starts and peaceful order. We’ll explore later in this article how these themes are reflected in 16’s meaning for modern Pagans.

Significance in Modern Paganism

The number 16 holds importance in various forms of modern Pagan spirituality and practice:

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What Does 16 Mean To The Pagans?
  • Sixteen is sacred to Wiccans, especially those who practice Alexandrian Wicca. It ties to themes that are central to Wiccan philosophy.
  • August 16th marks ‘Lammas Eve’ – The day before the Wiccan holiday of Lammas which celebrates the harvest. 16 is seen as a significant numerological precursor to this meaningful sabbat.
  • Covens traditionally have 13 or fewer members. Adding the leader makes 16 people – an especially fortuitous number for a coven.
  • For Wiccans who practice magick, 16 is seen as a Especially Powerful Times|power number amplifying spells and intentions set on the 16th day of the month.

Norse Paganism:

  • In Norse mythology, the number 16 appears multiple times especially in relation to the God Odin who embodies wisdom, magic, and the spirit of ecstasy.
    • Odin had 16 sons – this conveys the significance of progeny and lineage in old Norse legends
    • Odin consulted the disembodied heads of 16 wise, dead counselors
    • Odin was said to collect the 16 dead heroes to dwell in Valhalla
  • The runic inscription on the 16th day or the 16th rune (Jera – meaning harvest, fruitfulness) marks deeply significant life events for those of Norse/Heathen traditions.

Celtic Polytheism:

  • For Celtic reconstructionist Pagans, the number 16 ties to themes of wholeness and healing – as seen in the 16 petals of the flower of life symbolism.
  • September 16th features prominently as ‘Mabon’ – the 2nd harvest festival representing the balance between light and dark.
  • The ‘Song of Amergin’ – a creation story/poem from Celtic myth – consists of 16 stanzas. This represents cosmic totality.


What Does 16 Mean To The Pagans?
  • In Hellenic polytheism which worships the Gods of ancient Greece, the 16th day of 6 sacred months are set aside as a monthly festival for specific deities. For example:
    • On the 16th of Gamelion – sacred to Goddess Hera
    • On the 16th of Mounukhion – sacred to Goddess Artemis
  • Core texts describe relations between 16 priestesses serving as various Goddesses’ oracles on earth.

As we can see, the symbolic meaning of 16 resonates through different Pagan theologies – representing harvests, healings, regenerative energy, and palmistry.

Numerological Meaning

Beyond explicit appearances in mythology and lore, 16 holds numerological meaning in mystical traditions:

  • It is linked to the Tarot card ‘The Tower’ representing destruction of stable illusions and sudden revelations or awakenings.
  • In modern Wicca and witchcraft, 16 is considered a significant number in crafting spells and magick – amplifying the concentration of energy and intention.
  • 16 is seen as embodying the standalone power of the number 1, amplified by being itself a master number (when reduced 1 + 6 = 7).

In Astrology

For Pagans who structure their spiritual practice around astrology and zodiacs, 16 also resonates through sacred planetary and celestial bodies’ cycles:

  • Saturn takes 16 years to make a full orbit
  • There are 16 lunar phases tracking the moon’s full cycle
  • Ancient cultures plotted time by tracking moon cycles in 16 month increments

So from numerology, to magical practice, to astrological tracking – 16 repeatedly occurs as a significant number.

In the 16 Paths of Wisdom:

The 16 Paths of Wisdom are central in the esoteric spiritual teachings of Hermetic Kabbalah – which intersects with many occult Pagan traditions.

  • The teachings describe 16 ascending spiritual paths between our earthly world and the heavenly divine one.
  • Each path is associated with a Major Arcana Tarot card and connects to a sphere on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.
  • The 16 paths represent stages of inner wisdom and realization of divine consciousness.
  • Walking the 16 paths facilitates the UR-Pagan vision of immanent sacredness in all Creation.

So in numerology, astrology, mythology, witchcraft, and esoteric wisdom – the number 16 carries deep spiritual meaning for those of Pagan persuasions.

It distills central theological principles while also being woven into practical rituals, festivals, and magical craft. For modern Pagans across many denominations – 16 continues to resonate with ancestral potency.

I would highly recommend you to watch this video:

What Does 16 Mean To The Pagans?

For many pagans, 16 is a significant number. It is the age at which a person becomes an adult in their pagan religion. For many pagans, this means that they are able to make their own decisions and take on responsibilities.

It also means that they are able to join the pagan community and participate in its rituals and ceremonies.

What Does It Mean to Be a Pagan? 16’s Motorcycle Club:

A pagan is 16’s motorcycle club, someone who follows a religion that is not the Abrahamic or Christian faiths. Pagans believe in many different gods and goddesses, and they often celebrate nature and the cycle of life. Some pagans also practice magic or witchcraft.

Being a pagan is not about being backwards or primitive, it’s about celebrating your own spiritual traditions in a way that feels right to you.

What Is Support 16 Mc?

1. Support for a Specific Motorcycle Club:

  • Pagan’s MC: Support 16 Meaning, There’s a motorcycle club called “Pagan’s MC” with chapters primarily in the eastern United States. “Support 16 Mc” could refer to individuals or groups who aren’t official members but express solidarity with this club.
  • Generic Support for Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs: In general, “16” is sometimes used as a broad symbol of support for outlaw motorcycle clubs. “Support 16 MC” could be a general statement of allegiance to this counterculture.

2. Support 16 Meaning in a Motorcycle Context:

  • Possible Numerological Significance: Support Your Local 16s Meaning, The number 16 might hold personal significance for certain riders, perhaps tied to numerology, personal events, or a local group’s symbolism.

Crucial Considerations:

  • Context Matters: The meaning can vary depending on the location, social circles, and specific usage of the phrase.
  • Sensitivity and Respect: It’s essential to approach inquiries about motorcycle clubs with caution and respect, as some clubs are protective of their privacy and public image.

What Does 16 Mean in Motorcycle Clubs?

The number 16 in motorcycle clubs can have a variety of meanings depending on the context and specific club. Here are a few possibilities:

1. Outlaw Motorcycle Club (OMC) Symbolism:

  • What Does 16 Mean to Bikers? In some OMC circles, 16 is used as a general symbol of outlaw biker culture and brotherhood. This usage doesn’t necessarily tie to a specific club but represents the shared values and lifestyle of these groups.

2. Specific Club Reference:

  • Pagan’s MC: The number 16 holds particular significance for the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club, a prominent OMC with chapters primarily in the eastern United States. While the exact reason remains unclear, some speculate it relates to club numerology or internal rituals.
  • Other Clubs: Other OMCs might also attribute specific meanings to 16, often tied to their founding dates, internal lore, or fallen members.

3. Numerological Interpretations:

  • Some riders, regardless of club affiliation, might imbue 16 with personal meaning through numerology. Numerologists often associate 16 with balance, harmony, and leadership, making it potentially appealing to certain individuals.

4. Local or Regional Significance:

  • In some regions or riding communities, 16 could hold a specific meaning tied to local events, landmarks, or even inside jokes among riders.

Conclusion and final thoughts

So, what does 16 mean to the pagans? The number 16 echoes through multiple facets of Pagan theology, practice, and lived experience.

It ties together themes of:

  • Cyclical renewal and regeneration
  • Mystical revelation
  • Harnessing natural energies

Appearing across Pagan myths, rituals, and magical symbols – 16 carries ancient resonances that continue to ring true for those seeking an Earth-rooted spiritual path today.

Whether in the 16 harvest blooms, or 16-spoked Wheel of the Year, or 16 astrological cyclessteeringthemystic tides – for modern Pagans, the alphanumeric cipher of 16 overflows with sacred wisdom passed down through generations.


Are The Pagans Still Around?

While 16 may not be the most popular birthday, it’s safe to say that the pagan community is still around. There are many pagans who celebrate their birthdays on or around December 16th, and there are even some motorcycle clubs that are strictly composed of pagans.

What Does Support Your Local 13 Mean?

Many pagans believe that the number 13 is associated with their gods and goddesses. For example, some pagans believe that the goddess of fertility, protection, and love, Brigid, is represented by the number 13. Others believe that there are thirteen lunar cycles in a year, and that this is when most pagan ceremonies and celebrations take place.

So What Does 16 Mean To You?

For some people, 16 may be a big milestone in their lives because they’ve reached the age where they can start making decisions for themselves. For others, 16 may just be another day – but it’s always important to remember that there are millions of pagans around the world who celebrate birthdays on or around December 16th every year.

What Does 18 Mean For Bikers?

Motorcycle clubs are a big part of the pagan community, and many pagans believe that 18 is a special number because it’s the age when a person becomes an adult in the eyes of the law. For many pagans, this is a symbol of spiritual growth and independence.

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