Top 8 Best Scooter For Fat Guy! (We Road Them All!)


Best Scooter For Fat Guy

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Welcome to the world of scooters! Are you a fat guy looking for the perfect scooter? If so, this article is here to help. Our goal is to provide an overview of the best scooter models currently available that are specifically designed to accommodate larger riders.

We’ll also discuss some key points to consider when selecting a model for your needs. With the right information and research, you can find the perfect scooter for fat guys. So let’s get started!

Scooters are cool! Whether they’re scooting down the street or down a ramp, these non-motorized, two-wheeled wonders are fun for all ages.

But scootering isn’t for everyone, and if you’re on the heavier side, finding a scooter that can accommodate your frame can be a bit tricky.

The good news is that scooter manufactures have made scooters for all types of riders, and if you’re a little bigger and stronger, there are scooters out there made just for you.

How We Pick And Test These Scooters?

Our scooter testers put these scooters through their paces, including speed, control, and maneuverability. We also test the scooters for weight capacity and durability, as well as their ability to fold, turn and brake.

Our testing team also rates the scooters for ease of assembly and disassembly, and how easy it is to hold and learn to ride the scooter, with consideration for larger riders.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Scooter for Fat Guys:

  • Weight capacity: Some scooters can handle up to 350 pounds, while others max out at 250 pounds.
  • Maneuverability: Look for a scooter that’s easy to control and steer.
  • Speed: Look for a scooter with at least two speeds.
  • Foldable: A foldable scooter is easy to store and transport.
  • Wheel size: Larger wheels offer a smoother ride, but larger wheels also increase the weight capacity of the scooter.

Here are the best scooters for big guys in 2023, based on our testing.

1. Jetson LED Light-up Fat Kids Kick Scooter

This kick scooter doesn’t resemble a typical scooter. It looks like a futuristic robot with lights all over it. (If that’s your thing, I mean.) It’s very cool looking, and it has a few cool tricks up its sleeve, too.

It has Bluetooth capabilities, so that you can pair your phone or tablet and play music while cruising. And because it’s two-wheeled, it’s more stable than the typical three-wheeled scooter. (This is true, to a degree.)

And it’s one of the lighter scooters we tested, making it one of the easier scooters to navigate. The scooter has adjustable handlebars and a low deck, so you can adjust the height for comfort.

The wheels go quiet when you stop, and the kick scooter is easy to use: you just step on, and you’re ready to ride.

The only downside is that the scooter only has two wheels, so it doesn’t do well in pavement cracks or uneven sidewalks. But that’s to be expected. Overall, the scooter is fun, looks cool, and is safe for your kids.

Features We Like:

  • Sturdy steel frame – 400 lbs weight limit
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • 2 lightweight 4″ wheels
  • Adjustable brake
  • 2-in-1 folding design – Collapses to 24″ x 8.5″ x 10″ for easy storage
  • 100 LED lights!
  • Super bright & super safe!
  • Easy to ride!

2: Razor Eco Smart Metro Electric Scooter

We’ve always been fans of Razor’s electric scooters, and the EcoSmart Metro is no different. It’s fast (up to 20 miles an hour), comfortable, and easy to use.

The 500W motor can start up and go fairly quickly. The 16-inch air-filled tires provide plenty of cushion, and the wider 12-inch deck helps absorb road shock.

The Metro also has one of the smoothest rides we’ve tested. It’s also quite compact, and folds up quickly for convenient storage.

We especially like its portable design, which makes it easy to throw in the car and take to the park or into the water.

The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is not to be confused with the EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter, which is the smaller member of the EcoSmart family and costs less.

This scooter is the big boy, coming in at approximately 30 inches in width and weighing 75 pounds.

Like the other Razor EcoSmart scooters, the Metro fits riders up to 300 pounds and offers a 12-mile range per battery charge (the EcoSmart Metro offers 15 miles per battery charge).

The of the scooter is touted as the largest available, at 16 inches, as does the 500W motor.

Like most escooters, the Metro is pretty easy to ride, offering a wider deck and 16-inch tires that make it more stable than, for example, a 14-inch wheel escooter.

It’s also among the most well-constructed escooters we’ve tested, with a padded seat that offers some comfort.

The Metro is slightly more pricey than the Metro, but it’s easy to justify that extra cost, particularly if you intend on using the scooter regularly.

Features We Like:

  • 12 mile range per charge
  • 500W motor for speeds up to 18 mph
  • 12″ inflatable tires
  • Rear wheel drive
  • High torque motor
  • 10″ pneumatic front tire
  • Front basket for carrying
  • Includes padded seat & padded handlebar

3: I INMOTION S1 Adult Electric Scooter

The I INMOTION S1 Electric Scooter is a gorgeous, super-comfy, fun-to-ride, and practical e-scooter that’s also a blast to drive.

The S1 is a comfortable, powerful scooter that feels like a 2-wheeled motorcycle.

Its 1,000W motor and 10-inch pneumatic tires provide plenty of pep and the ride is smooth, while dual front and rear suspensions and a front disc brake ensure safe operation.

The S1 also folds in 2 seconds, making it easier to store and transport.

Plus, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so you don’t need to have a cord attached, and it has a 2-year limited warranty. Plus, you get a 4.3-inch detachable display with touch.

The only drawback is the price, and while the S1 is cheaper than most high-end e-scooters, it’s still pricey compared with gas-powered scooters that cost half as much.

Features We Like:

  • Max Range 59 Miles
  • Max Speed 18.6 MPH
  • 10″ Pneumatic Tires with Front and Rear Wheel Suspension
  • Foldable Escooter with Long Deck for Big Guys and Commuting
  • Heavy Duty Electric Scooter: The S1 scooter is the ultimate choice for larger riders with its industry-leading weight capacity of 308 pounds
  • Adult Commuter Scooter: Equipped with 2 charging ports and can travel up to 59 miles on a single 3.5-hour charge
  • Big Wheel Scooter: Comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires in both the front and rear, as well as a dual braking and suspension system
  • Fast Scooter for Adults: Features a powerful 1000W motor that delivers outstanding performance, reaching top speeds of up to 18.6 MPH and allowing for 30% hill climbing
  • Eco-friendly transportation Tool: S1 is both practical and convenient. With its ability to easily fold in 1 second, it can easily fit into the trunk. Plus, it’s user-friendly for people of all skill levels

4: SmooSat S8 Kick Scooter for Ages 8+, Teens & Adults

The SmooSat S8 is a well-made, sturdy, sleek, and easy-to-use scooter.

The scooter has a decent weight limit (220 pounds), it’s comfortable enough for both kids and adults, and it’s relatively affordable.

It’s ideal for kids ages 8 and up, and parents can use it to ride, too. The scooter folds up quickly, and it’s small enough to take anywhere.

The scooter’s flat, wide handlebars are more comfortable and ergonomic, with a wider angle between the grips. While the construction is decent, the scooter’s torque is disappointing.

The scooter’s wheel bearings have audible squeaks, and it struggles to get up more than a fairly gentle incline.

That said, the scooter’s seats are comfortable, and the handlebar height can be adjusted for comfortable riding.

The wheel bearings aren’t the greatest, but for anyone looking for a decent scooter that’s easy to fold up and take anywhere, the SmooSat S8 is a great buy.

Features We Like:

  • Adjustable Height: The handlebar height can be adjusted unlimitedly according to your child’s height between 32”~41”, the design is suitable for teenagers with a height of 3.9~4.4
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes + 160 mm discs and EBAS electronic brakes
  • Max Range: 70-75 miles
  • Waterproof: IPX-5 rating
  • Battery Range: Approx. 12.5 – 18.

5: REDDYDY Electric Scooter, Max Speed 55MPH

The sturdy frame and huge tires give the Rexdydy scooter a nice heft, and the smooth acceleration makes it more responsive than many other scooters.

The Rexdydy is heavy, though, so it’s best for riders over 200 pounds or so, or those familiar with carrying heavy loads.

The Rexdydy also has a rare feature: a 500-watt motor, which means it’s truly an electric scooter rather than a moped.

Its electric gear box is electronically controlled, reducing its top speed to 45 mph, but we found it’s plenty fast enough for zipping around town.

Like most electric scooters, the Rexdydy is best suited for urban use. We did some testing on a rural road, though, and the Rexdydy easily handled hills up to about 45 degrees.

We did notice some excessive vibration on hills over 45 degrees though.

Also, because there’s no throttle, the Rexdydy doesn’t accelerate or decelerate smoothly as you change gears, so it feels quite jerky.

On flat, level ground, we prefer the more powerful, smoother acceleration offered by the more powerful Vespa 300.

Features We Like:

  • Max Speed: 55 MPH
  • Battery: 60V 38AH
  • Motor: 3000W
  • Max Load Capacity: 800 lbs
  • Max Climbing Angle: 30 degrees
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes + 160 mm discs and EBAS electronic brakes
  • Max Range: 70-75 miles
  • Waterproof: IPX-5 rating
  • Battery Range: Approx. 12.5 – 18.5 miles
  • Maximum Charge Time: 4-6 hours
  • Maximum Speed: 55 MPH
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 800 lbs

6: SAY YEAH Fat Tire Scooter for Adults

The Citycoco Scooter is a sturdy, well-made electric scooter that exceeded our expectations for the price.

It has a powerful motor that reaches a top speed of 20 mph and accelerates smoothly to that speed.

The ride is smooth and comfortable, and the large, 10-inch, all-terrain tires work great on pavement, sand, or dirt.

The battery, while not the most robust or long-lasting, lasted about 15 miles in our tests.

The scooter easily handles turns, stays upright even on curbs and uneven surfaces, and has an easy-to-use foot brake.

Citycoco includes a one-year warranty, and customer service is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Features We Like:

  • 500W Powerful Motor
  • LCD Display
  • 3 Speed Modes
  • Battery Indicator
  • 15.4 AH Lithium Battery
  • FWD & Reverse
  • LED Lights
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Dual Brakes
  • Carrying Bag Included

7: Razor A6 Kick Scooter for Ages 8+ Extra-Tall Handlebars & Longer Deck

Razor’s A series scooters are a fun way for kids to experience the thrill of riding. They feature a variety of color options along with handles and wheels in various sizes to accommodate kids of all sizes.

The RA6 is a great starter scooter for younger riders because it features a longer deck for extra stability. Plus, the A6 comes with a tool-free assembly, which reduces the initial assembly time.

The A6 is also an ideal scooter for young beginners because it features Razor’s award-winning Anti-Rattle Technology, which reduces wheel noise without sacrificing stability.

The A6 provides superior comfort, stability, and fun, making it a great choice for kids and teens.

The A6’s 2.5-inch polyurethane wheels absorb shock, allowing kids to ride longer. Legal for Ages 8+.

Features We Like:

  • Extra-Tall Handlebars
  • Reinforced Deck
  • Anti-Rattle Technology
  • Supports Riders to 220 lbs
  • Maximum Speeds of 8.5 Mph & 15 Mph
  • Maximum Range of 12.5 Miles
  • Extra-Large 10″ Wheels

8: JOYOR S Electric Scooter for Adults Dual 1000W Motor

In areas where hilly terrain and heavy traffic are the norm, an electric scooter can be a fantastic alternative to driving your own car or taking public transportation.

And while we’ve tested a lot of electric scooters, the JOYOR S5 stands out.

This electric scooter has a super-smooth ride, its battery lasts a long time, and its top speed is faster than average (up to 31 mph).

Its compact size makes it easier to store or transport than other electric scooters in this size and range, and it has safety options for when you’re riding at night.

This electric kick scooter is our top pick for urban riding because of its small size, reliable speeds, and roomy deck.

The 10-inch pneumatic wheels roll smoothly over pavement, and the dual 1,000W motors get this 35-pound scooter moving quickly.

The seat is wide and comfortable, and the seat post is adjustable. The seat post also has a quick release for fast folding.

The scooter also has a 48V 13AH battery, which charges quickly. It can travel up to 34 miles on a single charge, and it has a 48V 10.1AH battery for charging overnight.

The scooter’s range isn’t as good as our main pick, the Swagtron T6 or T7, but it’s more than enough for most commutes.

Other highlights include an adjustable handlebar, 360-degree LED headlights, and a quick-release folding mechanism.

How To Choose A Scooter For Big Guy?

It is very common to be obese, especially because of poor eating habits. Obesity can cause many health problems. One of the ways to combat this health issue is to choose a scooter.

Scooters are available in many types, sizes, and colors. They look like normal cycles. However, they have some special features which are specially designed to overcome the extra bodyweight.

There are some important tips to remember while buying a scooter to avoid buying a wrong one.

  • Never buy a scooter that is too small or too big.
  • Always buy a good quality scooter
  • Always buy scooter that is light in weight

Which Scooter Is The Best Scooter For Big Guy?

Scooters are one of the best means of transportation for big guys, who usually get tired of walking everywhere. Therefore, choosing the best scooter for big guys is very important.

Here are several considerations that will help you determine which scooter is the best one for big guys:

Drive System: Scooters use either chain or belt drive systems. Belt drive systems are quieter than chain drive systems. However, chain drive systems are more powerful.

Frame: Scooter frames are built out of either aluminum or steel. Steel frames are heavier, but more durable. Aluminum frames are lightweight and less durable.

Motor: Scooter motors are either lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries are very lightweight and have a very long charge life. However, they are heavy and must be recharged daily.

When it comes to choosing the best scooter for big guys, it all depends on your goals. If your goal is to have the highest motor power, then a chain drive scooter is the best one.

However, if performance is not your priority, then you should choose an electric scooter with a lithium battery.

Some Good Options For Scooters For Big Guy:

Scooters are fun vehicles, especially if you’re a teenager or an adult who enjoys riding. However, when you really start bulking up, you may find that scooters aren’t as fun as they used to be. In fact, they may be downright painful.

Luckily, there are a few options for bigger guys. In this article, we’ll talk about some options for big-guy scooters.

First on the list is a bicycle scooter. These are little vehicles that are similar to bicycles, except they have motors that are built into them and a handlebar for steering.

If you go with a scooter like this, make sure that you choose one that has a large frame. This will ensure that it can support your weight. It also will provide you with more stability.

Another option for big guys is a scooter with a fold-out seat. This model is much like the scooter that you’d find on the boardwalk at the beach.

However, this one has a seat attached, which means that you can ride it without having to balance. When you’re done riding, simply fold the seat down and store it.

A third option for big guy scooters is an electric model. These scooters have small motors that are powered by a rechargeable battery.

These scooters are nice because they’re easy to ride, and they can be folded up and stored in a closet when they’re not in use.

Conclusion: Best Scooter For Fat Guy:

Best Scooter For Fat Guy: Choosing the best scooter for a fat guy can be a challenging task. Many scooters lack the strength and battery capacity to support heavier riders.

However, there are several models out there that are suitable for heavier individuals.

The Razor Eco Smart Metro Electric Scooter is an excellent choice as it has enough power to support up to 250 pounds and a long-lasting battery life. Additionally, its wide deck ensures stability and comfort while riding.


What makes a scooter suitable for a heavier person?

A scooter that is suitable for a heavier person should have a weight capacity of at least 250 to 280 pounds and adequate suspension.
Additionally, wider tires and a larger wheelbase can help provide stability, while a motor with enough torque can help with climbing hills and other inclines.

What is the best type of scooter for a heavier person?

The best type of scooter for a heavier person is an electric scooter with a 500W motor. This type of motor provides the most power and torque and can easily handle the extra weight.

What is the maximum speed of a scooter for a heavier person?

The maximum speed of a scooter designed for a heavier person is usually 25 mph. Some scooters can reach top speeds as high as 35 mph.

Are there any safety concerns with scooters for heavier people?

Yes, it is important to make sure that the scooter is designed for heavier people and to always wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding.
Additionally, always check the brakes and other components before riding and maintain the scooter regularly.

Is it possible to customize a scooter for a heavier person?

Yes, it is possible to customize a scooter for a heavier person. This includes adding additional suspension, increasing the wheelbase, and upgrading the motor to a higher power rating.

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