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Bell Full Face Helmet

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The bell full face helmet is designed for riders looking for the ultimate in safety, comfort, and style.

Bell’s engineers integrated the impressive features from their top-of-the-line motocross helmets, giving you an advanced full-face helmet that maximizes safety, comfort, and durability.

The Bell full face helmet is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and aerodynamic. The shell is crafted from ABS and polycarbonate, giving you a lightweight, yet strong helmet that’s durable enough to handle multiple impacts.

The shell is reinforced with aramid, a material known for its exceptional strength, giving you a helmet that can withstand multiple impacts without cracking or breaking.

When it comes to motorcycle safety, one of the most important pieces of equipment is a helmet. The full face motorcycle helmets are the safest type and offer the best protection for riders. ‘

Bell Helmets has been producing quality headgear since 1954, and their full face helmets provide superior coverage and protection while also offering modern styling and comfort.

This article will discuss the features of Bell Full Face Helmets and explain why they should be chosen as your protective headgear when out on your ride.

Things To Consider When Buying Bell Full Face Helmet:

Safety: Look for a helmet that meets the safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The majority of helmets on the market meet those standards, but some don’t, so it’s important to check the label.

Ventilation: Ventilation is key in a helmet. Look for one with plenty of channels for airflow, and if you sweat a lot, look for a helmet with a removable liner.

Adjustability: Most helmets offer adjustable straps as well as an integrated visor. Make sure the straps are comfortable and that you can move the visor up and down, side to side, and in and out.

Weight: Weights vary, but look for a helmet that weighs no more than 3.5 pounds.

Durability: Look for a helmet made from high-quality materials. You want one that is tough enough to withstand impact with a tree or the ground.

Price: Price can range from $50 to $250, so shop around.

How We Pick & Test:

Fit and look: We tested helmets for fit, comfort, and ease of adjustment.

Impact protection: We dropped each helmet from 3 feet, hit each helmet with a 3-pound medicine ball, and dropped each helmet from 3 feet again.

Weight: We weighed each helmet both before and after being dropped.

Here are our top 10 picks of bell full face helmets:

1: Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet

  • Adjustable Visor
  • Lightweight
  • Offers Comfort
  • Protective

The Bell Sanction is a moderately priced helmet that’s light, comfortable, and easy to put on. It’s a good choice if you want something more than a basic touring lid but you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

If you’re a larger-framed dirt jumper or BMX rider, this helmet might be a good choice, since it offers a smaller size and profile than the Bell Super 2, which we tested.

The Sanction has a ventilation system that works well, and it comes with an extra set of cheek pads and visors, so it’s suitable for multiple sports.

It’s also equipped with an anti-scratch visor, which is a nice feature for riders who like to ride at night.

Unfortunately, the Sanction does not have replaceable parts, so you’ll have to buy a new helmet if you crash.

The graphics and ventilation work as advertised, and while this helmet is reasonably lightweight, the helmet isn’t the featherweight it’s advertised to be.

You also can’t swap out the helmet for different sizes; the Sanction comes in one size only.


  • 5 shell sizes and 8 shell thicknesses
  • Multiple vents ensure cool, comfortable riding
  • Certified to DOT and ECE safety standards
  • Multiple lens color options
  • Matte or glossy finish


  • Limited adult size options
  • Bulky

Features We Like:

  • Ultra-Cool Style
  • Stylish Designs
  • Flexible & Comfortable
  • Comfortable Fit
  • ANSI Certified
  • 4-Point Adjustable Fit System
  • ABS Shell Construction

2: BELL Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Quick-adjust
  • Wraparound Protection
  • Overbrow Ventilation
  • Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount

The Bell Super 3R MIPS is a good-performing mountain bike helmet. The padding is comfortable, and the adjustable visor system accommodates for sunglasses or goggles.

However, the Super 3R MIPS isn’t quite as light or compact as the Giro Drift, and it’s more expensive at $180; it’s still cheaper than the top-rated model, the POC Vaca.

The Super 3R MIPS comes in three sizes, but the sizing system can be confusing.

We found that if we measured across the widest point between ears, then we used the chart to determine a 54-56cm size, this was a good fit.

We also recommend measuring your head while wearing cycling glasses, as the super 3R MIPS has a 5mm gap between the glasses and the helmet.

All in all, the Super 3R MIPS is an excellent choice for a mountain bike helmet with MIPS protection.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for tough trails
  • Not suitable for long rides
  • Not suitable for jumps

Features We Like:

  • MIPS-Equipped
  • UV Resistant
  • Removable Chinbar
  • Large Variety of Sizes

3: Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Made In The USA
  • Lightweight
  • Polycarbonate/abs Shell
  • DOT Approved

The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is one of the most comfortable helmets we’ve tested, and it does a very good job of channeling air through the helmet.

Its Arai and Shoei competitors are lighter (by more than 30 grams), but lack the same comfort.

The Bell Qualifier is just over a pound, but it’s also one of the lightest, thinnest, and most comfortable helmets we reviewed.

The DLX MIPS version feels like wearing a rain jacket compared to some competitors, and it must be noted that Bell has discontinued the integrated communications port for the Cardo SENA and Sena 10xxx radios.

You can, however, easily install a third-party Bluetooth commas unit (such as the Cardo Scala Rider) in the chin strap channel, and the helmet comes with a clear shield that snaps easily into place.

The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS is a great choice for riders who are looking for a comfortable, lightweight helmet.

It has a great mix of features, including an adjustable drawstring chin strap, removable and washable liner, and a


  • Modular helmet design
  • Recyclable helmet
  • Adjustable and removable cheek pads
  • MIPS technology
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Small sizing range
  • Bulky

Features We Like:

  • Dual-Density EPS Foam Shell
  • Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS)
  • 3 Shell Sizes to Obtain a Perfect Fit
  • Micrometric Ratcheting Visor Latch
  • The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face is available in 3 shell sizes and 6 graphics

4: BELL Qualifier Full-Face Helmet Matte Black

  • Tinted Shield.
  • Ventilation System
  • Dot Approved
  • Polycarbonate/abs Shell

The Qualifier helmet from Bell is a full face helmet that performs well in all forms of riding but especially those requiring more protection.

It’s slightly heavier than other full face helmets, but it’s also significantly more comfortable on our tester than, for example, the Shoei RF-1100.

The Qualifier has an ergonomic, sculpted shell shape that fits well on most heads. It has a perforated, smooth surface that’s not too slippery, and that minimizes drag.

The helmet has 20 vents (9 in the front and 9 in the rear) that push a lot of air through the helmet. Bell claims this flow keeps riders cooler (and drier) on hot summer days.

There are 2 sets of exhaust ports. One set is under the chin, and the other set is under the cheek pads. Our tester found that this made a huge difference in overall comfort.

In hot, humid conditions, it is truly amazing how quickly you warm up in a helmet without the exhaust vents.

Along with the exhaust vents, there are 3 exhaust ports in the head liner. The front, middle and rear most vents are vented while the chin vent is not.


  • Lightweight
  • Dual-density EPS
  • Removable/washable interior and head liner
  • Self-adjusting Fit System
  • Certified ECE-22.05


  • Expensive
  • Large size

Features We Like:

  • 3 Shell Sizes for Optimal Fit
  • Click Release Shield
  • Easy Tool-Free Shield Replacement
  • Ultralight Construction
  • Flow Adjust Ventilation System

5: Bell Servo Adult BMX Helmet, Matte Black

  • Full Coverage Interior Padding
  • Washable Cheek Pads
  • Comfortable Neck Roll
  • Increased Padding And Protection

The Bell Servo helmet is a comfortable, well-made helmet that’s well padded and reasonably ventilated. It’s lightweight, too, so it’s easy to carry.

The fit is a little tight out of the box, but Bell has simple instructions for trimming the chin bar and cheek pads.

The Servo has a removable and washable cheek pad, and inside is plush padding that extends to the chin bar and back of the neck.

The Velcro chin strap is held in place with a clever magnetic closure, and it’s easy to adjust.

The helmet comes with a removable bungee cord that attaches to the helmet on the front and back, and Bell includes a pair of foam pads that you can slide over the bungees to prevent scratching the back of your vehicle when you park.

The Servo has a ratcheting adjustment at the back, and you can adjust the fit in several places at the front.

We also appreciate that the ventilation slots are not open at the bottom, so they won’t catch things on uneven ground or get clogged with mud.

The Servo passed all of our testing, including dynamic (on a bike) and static (on the ground) head impact tests.

Most helmets do, but this one certainly feels more durable than others.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent protection with multi-density EPS liner
  • Good ventilation


  • Limited size options

Features We Like:

  • The Bell Servo adult BMX helmet is designed for trick riders.
  • The Bell Servo helmet is lightweight, comfortable, and meets CPSC safety standard.
  • The Bell Servo helmet has a removable, washable liner and cheek pads.
  • The Bell Servo helmet is DOT and ECE certified.
  • The Bell Servo helmet features a straight fit shape.

6: BELL Super Air R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Comprehensive Energy
  • Wraparound Chin Bar
  • Overbrow Ventilation
  • Adjustable Visor

The Bell Super Air R is very similar to the Canyon Aeroad 3.0, but it’s lighter, less expensive, and more comfortable.

The Super Air R is the lightest helmet in our review and it therefore feels less cumbersome than similar helmets, and it’s easier on the neck.

The Super Air R is also tougher than the Canyon Aeroad 3.0, with less warping and bending in testing.

It’s also noticeably quieter than both the Aeroad 3.0 and the Bell Super 2.

If you have any concerns that this helmet will be uncomfortable, it’s worth noting that it has lower forehead padding, so it feels snugger on your head, but it also provides better ventilation.

The Super Air R also has better visibility than the Aeroad 3.0, thanks to the taller visor. As a result, it also offers better protection.


  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System)


  • Expensive
  • Large size (could fit large heads, but may not fit small heads)

Features We Like:

  • Made from Polycarbonate & EPS foam
  • Multi-impact protection system
  • Flex Aerodynamic Shell
  • Easy-adjust visor system
  • Includes camera mount
  • Available in 3 sizes

7: Bell Qualifier Street Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Medium)

  • Made In The USA
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate/abs Shell
  • Anti-scratch And UV Protected Shield
  • Removable/washable Interior

The Bell Qualifier Street Helmet is the best-feeling helmet we tested. It has sharp good looks and is the lightest helmet we tested.

The shell is made from a thermoplastic that’s lighter than acetate, which improves comfort by allowing the helmet to conform to your head more.

The Qualifier’s fit is a little more narrow than other helmets we tested, and while this doesn’t affect comfort in most helmets, it was noticeable on the Qualifier.

We also found that it fit a little low on our head, though this can affect comfort as well, depending on how you look at it.

The cheek pads are shaped well, and the helmet buckles into place easily, but we felt a little exposed wearing this helmet at a full stop because of the relatively narrow field of vision.

The Qualifier comes with an integrated seat that securely straps on, but we didn’t use this because we prefer our helmets to be a little looser, allowing them to move a bit with our heads.

The Bell Qualifier costs about $119, and that’s about what you’d expect to pay for a top-of-the-line helmet, though it’s about half the cost of some comparable helmets.

If you’re willing to pay the price, the Bell Qualifier is the best helmet we tested.


  • Excellent safety features
  • Comfortable
  • 360-degree venting system
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Removable cheek pads


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for all weather conditions (e.g. rain)

Features We Like:

  • Made in the USA
  • Large Opening for Face
  • Adjustable Chin Strap
  • Click Release Shield
  • Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch, UV Protective
  • 2-Position Vents
  • Integrated Speaker Pockets
  • Eyewear Compatible

8: BELL Full-9 Fusion

  • MIPS Equipped
  • X-static And XT2 Padding
  • Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount
  • Overbrow Ventilation

The Bell Full-9 Fusion is undoubtedly among the classiest, sleekest, and safest helmets we tested.

The 9 vents are the largest on any helmet we tested, and this helmet has a larger surface area on the face than other helmets we tested.

It’s also one of the few we tested that can be comfortably worn over glasses, though some testers had to lower the front part of the helmet a bit to make that happen.

The shell has a unique X-Static X-Pad interior lining that wicks moisture away from the skin. It also has 2 different pads that protect the cheek and neck.

The helmet comes in 11 shell colors, including a few with metallic color schemes, and seemed comfortable to just about every tester (some did note that the shell was stiff at first).

The Full-9 Fusion also has 13 different fitting options, so it should fit almost any head. Aside from the liner, the helmet also includes integrated breakaway mounts for attaching cameras, which you can see in the photo below.

The helmet also has a small LED light built in, but it’s dim and not especially bright. Finally, the Full-9 Fusion passed our drop test with flying colors.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Great performance
  • Comfortable design
  • Good battery life
  • Good price


  • No backlight
  • No replaceable battery

Features We Like:

  • Featherweight
  • Small
  • Solid

9: BELL Full-9 Adult Full Face Bike Helmet

  • Flying Bridge
  • Audio Compatible:
  • Sound-trax Speaker System
  • Full Face:

If style trumps safety, the Bell Full-9 is the best full-face helmet you can buy.

The helmet’s soft, padded interior is comfortable, and its open face design makes it easy to breathe and talk.

The helmet’s visor, which rotates 360°, is adjustable, and the helmet’s center vent is designed to prevent fogging.

The helmet also comes with an audio system that features an integrated speaker, a microphone, and ear pads.

The helmet also has removable and washable cheek pads, and it’s available in several sizes and colors.

If you’re looking for the best, all-encompassing helmet for mountain biking, enduro, downhill, or BMX, it’s hard to beat the Bell Full-9.

It not only looks sleek, it’s one of the most comfortable helmets we tested, especially for riders with average to large heads.

Our testers found the fit to be easily adjustable, while our testers with larger heads found the helmet to fit well without being tight or restricting.

We also liked that the helmet features the Flying Bridge Audio System, which blasts out clear, full-range sound.

The aesthetic is modern, and while we didn’t love the brushed-metal look of the helmet, it didn’t feel cheap or fragile, and is comfortable under helmets for more aggressive activities.


  • Limited Warranty
  • Comfortable head, neck and chin support
  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Bike helmet certified to ASTM standards


  • Not ideal for larger heads
  • Expensive

Features We Like:

  • Uses a Soft Thermoplastic Rubber: Comfortable, Durable and Fast to Dry, Perfect Helmet for Bicycle Riding, Snowboarding, Skiing, Skating and More
  • Adjustable Fit: Rotated For 360 Degree of Adjustment, Also Well Suited For Women
  • Multi-Directional Impact Protection: EPP Foam Liner Absorbs Crashes And Converts The Impact Energy, Allowing Your Head To Rest In The Center Of The Helmet, Preventing Collisions From Becoming Injuries
  • Included Flying Bridge Audio System: Simply Plug The Audio Player Into The Inside Of The Helmet To Enjoy Your Favorite Music, Audio Books or Podcasts
  • Secure, Comfortable Fit: Straps Adjust Using A Removable Strap, Making This Helmet Easy To Fit For Everyone
  • Eye port Diameter: 4.5 Inches
  • Weight: 2.8 Ounces

10: Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet

  • Abs Shell Construction
  • Lightweight Full-face
  • Suitable For Use
  • Durable

The Sanction isn’t the lightest helmet on the market, and it’s bulky.

It also has single-layer foam padding, so it’s not quite as cushy as the higher-end models, but it’s perfect for entry-level dirt jump riders.

And with the adjustable visor, it’s easy enough to get just the right fit. The Sanction is made from a hard polycarbonate shell, so it’s relatively durable and can withstand minor crashes.

The helmet is available in a wide range of sizes, so it’s easy to find a good fit.

It also has good ventilation, and the vents don’t fog up as quickly as on other helmets, even when riding through cooler weather.

All that’s left is to add some more padding, add vents or two, and make this helmet a bit more comfortable.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Tough and durable
  • Meets DOT and ECE standards


  • Heavy
  • Uncomfortable

Features We Like:

  • Comes in a Variety of Colors
  • Great for BMX, Skate, and Dirt Jump Riders
  • Has Cool Bell Logo on Top
  • Use for Dirt Jump or BMX
  • Made of Hard Plastic
  • Thin Shell with 15 Vents

The Bell Full Face Helmet History:

The bell full face helmet history started as early as 1952 but became popular during the 1970s. However, the helmet was first used during the French Revolution for military purposes.

This helmet was meant for the military because of its firm structure. This helmet could be easily moulded to fit a particular wearer. The shape was compact enough to give the wearer protection against bullets that were shot at close range.

The helmet was made of leather that was boiled to make it rigid and thick. The hard leather acted as a shield against incoming projectiles. The helmet was then covered with metal screens for extra protection.

Bell helmets became more popular during the 1970s. This was because several Hollywood movies showed the helmets on famous actors. Actors such as Steve McQueen, James Dean, and Paul Newman wore these helmets on the big screen.

Bell Full Face Helmet Types:

When it comes to purchasing a motorcycle helmet, there are different types from which to choose. One type of motorcycle helmet is the full face helmet.

A full face helmet covers the entire head, including the chin and mouth areas. The full face helmet has either a chin strap or a dial system to keep the helmet in place.

Full face helmets can be connected with a shield. The shield protects the rider’s face from wind, rain, and debris. Full face helmets are one of the most popular types of motorcycle helmets.

Another type of motorcycle helmet is the modular helmet. This type of helmet covers more of the face than a full face helmet.

The modular helmet uses a face shield that is removable. The face shield is attached to the helmet by magnets or latches.

The modular motorcycle helmet is less expensive than the full face helmet. This is because they are more lightweight than full face helmets.

Bell Full Face Helmet Advantages:

Bell full face helmets provide superior protection for their riders. They are made of layered materials – such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, and fiberglass a that help absorb impact when a crash occurs.

Bell full face helmets also offer excellent visibility. They are equipped with clear lenses that allow you to see clearly in bright or low-light conditions.

They are especially useful when riding during dusk or before dawn, when visibility can be somewhat limited.

Conclusion: Bell Full Face Helmet:

Bell Full Face Helmet: The Bell Full Face Helmet is an excellent choice for anyone from novice to seasoned riders looking for a reliable and safe helmet.

It is one of the best on the market due to its lightweight, comfortable fit, superior ventilation, and advanced protection features.

With numerous sizes and colors available, there’s sure to be an option that fits your needs and budget.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or race track enthusiast, the Bell Full Face Helmet can help keep you safe and secure while having fun.


What is a Bell Full Face Helmet?

A Bell Full Face Helmet is a helmet that completely covers the head, face, and chin and is designed to provide maximum protection for the head and face in the event of a crash.

What are the benefits of wearing a Bell Full Face Helmet?

The main benefit of wearing a Bell Full Face Helmet is that it offers superior protection to the head and face in the event of a crash.
It also eliminates wind turbulence, reduces noise levels, and helps keep the rider cool and comfortable.

What safety features does a Bell Full Face Helmet have?

A Bell Full Face Helmet is designed to meet or exceed the safety standards set by the US Department of Transportation.
It features an EPS liner with multiple densities for impact absorption, a removable and washable interior, and an adjustable chin strap with quick-release buckles.

What kind of sizes are available for the Bell Full Face Helmet?

The Bell Full Face Helmet is available in sizes XS to XXL.

How do I care for my Bell Full Face Helmet?

It is recommended that you clean your helmet with a mild soap and water solution and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use.
Additionally, it is important to replace the helmet after any crash or if it has been subjected to any kind of hard impact.

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